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RDC, Rolls-Royce Canada investing in R&D to improve offshore supply operations

September 17, 2014

St. John’s, NL - Offshore supply operations in Newfoundland and Labrador will be safer and more efficient as a result of an investment of $300,000 from the Research & Development Corporation (RDC), and $651,950 from Rolls-Royce Canada Limited and industry partners. The collaborative investment will support the development of a new intelligent winch system that will address the challenges of loading and unloading supplies in Arctic and harsh offshore operating environments. The Honourable Susan Sullivan, Minister Responsible for RDC, made the announcement today at the Rolls-Royce facility in Mount Pearl.

“Companies like Rolls-Royce recognize Newfoundland and Labrador as a leader in R&D and in the advancement of the innovative technologies required for harsh operating environments. Our research and development capacity and skilled labour force are well known globally and have elevated our position as a world leader in offshore operations. I am pleased that RDC’s investment of $300,000 will support making our offshore industry safer, which is paramount.”
- The Honourable Susan Sullivan, Minister of Innovation, Business and Rural Development and Minister Responsible for the Research & Development Corporation

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